PASSAT holding - is a dynamic business. Its history goes back two decades. Passat combines manufacturing companies that focus on serving of the mining and chemical industry.



1.    Engineering
2.    Projecting
3.    Construction
4.    Manufacture and repair of the equipment for the mining industry
5.    Assembly and delivery
6.    Manufacturing of constructional, technological, individual metal structures, optional equipment and its installation
7.    Development of baseline data and construction projects for the mines and processing plants


Name of the PASSAT holding (from Russian trade wind - the wind characterized by constancy), symbolizes the sustainable development, which is based on loyalty originally selected direction and main work principles: integrated approach to the solving of the problems of the Customer, professionalism, promptness.


Currently the holding employs more than 1500 people. Highly qualified specialists of various profiles (energy, technology, machinery, installation, automation) allows to solve complex problems from projecting to commissioning. Our staff is the principal asset of the holding.


PASSAT holding includes:


1.    PIK, LLC 

3.    Research and Production  Association Passat, LLC
4.    The Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation, LLC
5.    Mashchimprom, LLC

7.    Soligorskspetsmontazh, LLC
8.    PassatInnovations, LLC