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  • The Institute’s Production aroused a great interest on the exhibition of Mining Technologies “Coal of Russia & Mining”

The production of the “Institute Of Mining Electrical and Automation”, llc, aroused a graet interest among the representatives of the Russian mining companies on the 22d International specialize exhibition of Mining Technologies which was held last week in Novokuznetsk,Russia.

Trade Company “Keytrade” represented our equipment and innovations together with the specialists of the Institute. The stands were located outdoors and indoors.


There the visitors could see the following mining equipment:

  • Microprocessor apparatus of shaft signaling MASS;

  • Loud-speaking communication and alarm safety system SGS&PS;

  • Explosion –proof laser direction indicator UNL;

  • Conveyor Optic scales;

  • Frequency converter station SPCH with cooling system;

  • Compact (magnetic) control stations.

It was represented an innovation of the Institute on the exhibition: Control & Signal Equipment of Vehicle (CSEV) to provide wireless connection from the vehicle, alarm system and also sensor lap shaft rope control.


Mining equipment of the Institute were examined as by the the specialists of the companies who is already our partners, so by the potential partners.


Specific interest to Compact (magnetic) control stations , Frequency converter station SPCH with cooling system, Microprocessor apparatus of shaft signaling MASS and Control & Signal Equipment of Vehicle (CSEV) was shown by the representatives of Coal Companies, Mineral Companies, Coke Companies and Potash Companies.


Projecting, modernization of hoisting machines, conveyors and fans – all these also aroused the interest among the Russian Mining companies. As a rule, first of all the companies take into the consideration the reference lists. So, the Institute has a huge reference list on modernization of the most important and energy-consuming objects of the Mines.


As the result of the communication during the exhibition between “Keytrade”, the Institute and the visitors, it is planned to have some negotiations and also signing some partner agreements with the companies-suppliers of the equipment.