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  • «The Institute of Mining Electrical and Automation», LLC, begins the production of TRANSVICHI (transformers+compact workstations)

«The Institute of Mining Electrical and Automation», LLC, begins the production of TRANSVICHI (transformers+compact workstations)


“The Institute Of Mining Electrical and Automation”, LLC, worked out and began to produce two transwitches up to 1250 kVA: the first one is for power supply and for control twin-screw cutter-loader, refrigerating system, compressor, fan, longwall face lightening and the second one is for power supply and longwall conveyor control (with soft start of electric motor drive), two drag conveyors, crusher, two pumps, pumping of longwall face. Both of transwitches is intended for the longwall necessities № 12-h-H-3 of the 3d Mining Plant of “Belaruskali”,JSC.

Transvichi with the transformator insulated neutral up to 1250 kVA is intended for voltage conversion from 6kV into low-voltage 1140V(660V) with the aim of power supply, up to 15 consumers (depend on customers’ necessities), three-phase alternating current with the frequency of 50 HZ and also for commutation, control and equipment protection in gas-hazardous and methane-hazardous shafts. Transvich consist of transforming substation with power transformer 6000/1140 V with the power of 1250 kVA and compact station, collected in one frame. To simplify the descending into the mine and delivery to the place , transwich is dismountable.

The length of each part is not more than 4000 mm. Electrical circuitry of transwitch provide the following protection:


  • from the switching of switching unit during descent insulation resistance of withdrawing force is below 100 ohms;
  • from overwork of short-circuit current; from current unbalance;
  • from overheating of the motor;
  • from disconnection or increasing of critical resistance of ground circuit more than 50 ohm;
  • from the loss of control when an open or short between remote control wires;
  • zero protection;
  • against inadvertent switching contactors in the short-term increase in mains voltage up to1.5 Un.


Transvich control circuit is made on the basis of programmable controller Simatic S1200 with central processor CPU CPU 226 and communication processor EM 227 with the ability to connect to the Profibus DP.

For the selection of the information about the current tap, state protection units, current loads, the faults, tripping of limit switches and sensors with their numbers and the subsequent issuance of its operator to the surface, transvich is equipped with operator desk with TP type.