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  • The Institute Cariied out Complex of Works for Usolski Plant

The Institute of Mining Electrical Endineering and Automation performed a complex work of «Reagent Preparation Lines for Eurochem - Usolsky Potassium Plant». The general contractor of this project is the Research and Production Association «Passat».

The Institute’s part of works was including the following:

- draft development that was сconsisting of:

  • specification of electrical equipment as part of the delivered machinery (including engines) indicating models and basic technical characteristics;

  • one-line power circuit scheme, electrical connection and wiring scheme;

  • automation scheme of the complex;

- assembly, delivery, adjustment of power distribution units accordingly to designed documentation;

- connection of local seats, controller to power distributional units,

- protection devices and drive control adjustment with the following outcome to the optimal parameters.

- software design and installing at next amount:

  • hardware configuration for controllers, instrumentation, protection regulating equipment, operator panels;

  • functions and variable collections (data blocks DB STEP7 ) necessary for reading and (or) writing of all the devices data in nets Profibus-DP and Profibus-PA

  • software for the devices of control and protection of Simocode Pro V electric motor;

  • software for the Sinamics G120 converter unit;

  • codes description statues of tools that are being connected by Profibus-PA grid

The application of drive unit with the equipment of the Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation is providing:

  • Energy consumption reduction

  • Increase of tool life for the usage of efficient ways of power equipment control, application of high operation speed digital devices, the creation of subdivided controlling devices network;

  • Safety Increase while reducing emergency states and providing of electrical equipment protection selectance, exact protection adjustment in accordance with the demanded technological load.