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  • “The Institute Of Mining Electrical and Automation”, llc, dispatched frequency converters on the conveyors of 2nd Mining Department of “Belaruskali”, JSC

Ore mine belt incline of the 2nd Mining Department has the longest haul in the underground mining workings among all ore minings of Belaruskali. It is more than 2 kilometres. Ore comes from all crop places to pit shaft on this incline. The angle of incline on the average is 6 degrees.

There was a straight start of electric drive motor before the dispatch of equipment. Sometimes there were situations when the conveyors stopped because of the overweight. And it is a well-known fact that it is very difficult to start out an overweight conveyor. In these situations both: electric motor drives and motor starters were burning.

The use of own-produced frequency converter station SPCH together with water cooling installation UVH made on the base of frequency converters of the company Siemens Sinamics S120 и Simovert MasterDrive provided a regular continuous work of conveyor transport, reduce discharge intensity of power on the ore delivery at 37% and also increase the productivity at 20%.